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window boxIf you live in a flat or a place that doesn't have a gardent or plant some flowerbeds, this doesn't mean you have to miss out on all of the fun of growing and nurturing your own plants to make your outside space look stunning!

There are so many varieties of plants you can choose from to create a bright and colourul summer selection or an evergreen perennial range of plants to give some year-round character to your window box or courtyard. Choosing a quality compost to start your pot with is paramount to their survival and will ensure that the plants have all of the nutrients and minerals they need to thrive. 

herb gardenMost herbs are easy and rewarding plants to maintain and grow. They can grow either indoors or outdoors as part of your garden, provided that the weather is not too cold or frosty. You can use any multi purpose compost to grow herbs successfuly, making them an ideal beginners plant for new gardeners. You can buy compost online for great prices from many compost suppliers like us if you want to expand your herb garden.

Possibly the biggest advantage of growing your own herbs, is that by using freshly pruned leaves you maintain a lot more of the taste than store bought, giving you a better product at a fraction of the cost. Here is a short guide on a few easy herbs that can be used in your cooking:


Ginger is a widely used plant known for its spicy fragrance and unique health properties. It’s also very simple to cultivate. All you need to do is buy a chunk of ginger and cover it in soil in a container. Keep the soil moist, water when dry. To harvest pull the entire plant, simply cut off what you need and then re-plant. The taste of the ginger depends on its harvest. The older plant has a hot taste, whereas a young plant is more mild and succulent.

With people all over the country tightening their belts, now is the perfect time to become self-sustainable in 2015 by growing your own veg in your garden, or even on your windowsill if you don't have a garden or outdoor space. 

We provide veg kits that will get you started growing fruit and veg for your family to eat year round, saving valuable pounds in your wallet and probably your stomach too. There's nothing more satisfying than harvesting and eating your home-grown fruit and veg, whether it's making a apple and blackberry pie or mashing your own spuds for the Sunday roast. 

All of our starter boxes will include a baby plant which we will deliver to your door when they season is right for you to start growing them. Once you have tasted success with our starter packs we are sure that you will continue to grow your veg year round.

One thing about setting up your veg plot is key, the compost has to be right. The advantage of most veg is that they are able to survive in all but the most extreme composts, with ones that are too acidic or alkaline often stunting growth, even if they do not kill the plant. Results with all kinds of compost may vary, but our selection of organic compost is a great place to start. You could also take a look at our peat free compost and multi purpose compost to find the right one for your plot.

A great place to start is with herbs. Herbs are cheap and will provide year round flavour if looked after well. They are hardy enough to be grown anywhere from the window ledge to a flowerbed, making them an ideal starter plant for the budding farmer.

Our herb starter packs include all the main tastes that will improve any dish, such as parsley, rosemary, basil, chives and mint. Once you have got the hang of herbs you could move on to something that's a bit more challenging. 

Our range of veg garden starter packs varies depending on the kind of veg you want to grow. We have options for the windowbox grower, ideal for flats or small spaces; right ot the large veg garden pack that includes numerous plants of cauliflower, lettuces, green beans, onions and more.

A great starter pack to introduce you to growing veg, especially in spring, is the salad garden pack. This includes everything you will find in most salads such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce; as well as some more exotic plants like radishes, dwarf beans and even giant red mustard! 

Getting the hang of self-sustaining your beg garden takes time, but it will all be worthwhile when you are harvesting a bumper crop for your summer salads or winter root veg. If you have an excess of produce, why not sell it at a local market or even offer it to the neighbours. 

Multi purpose compost is one of our top sellers here at The Compost Shop, the UK's leading compost suppliers. Despite this, it has typically been described as 'the Jack of all trades but the master of none'. Yes, the multi purpose compost is versatile to say the least, however, this statement fails to grant it significant justice; all three of our multi purpose composts have been the bearer of many a brilliant basket, bed and border, surpassing previous opinions of the multipurpose as middle of the road in its effectiveness.

Peat vs. Peat Free compost.

Peat infused compost, long used by growers and gardeners since the mid 20th century, is considered essential for growing plants and sowing seeds. However, acres of UK peat bogs have been decimated in the past by companies attempting to meet the nation's insatiable demand. Ultimately, this has led to habitat destruction, a loss of biodiversity and the release of fossil carbon stores. In a nation considered more environmentally conscious in 2014 than the mid 20th century, many have been alarmed at the adverse effects the farming of peat has had on the environment.

The mantra that seeds cannot flourish in peat-free compost is little more than a myth. All it requires is a little familiarisation; the organic peat-free multipurpose compost offered by us here at The Compost Shop is blended with bark fines, coir and wood fibre, ensuring all components are from sustainable sources. The absence of peat ensures that it is more economically viable and does not contribute to the nation's carbon footprint that the farming of peat bogs adds to.

Peat-free composts, however, are more expensive than those containing peat because they have to be processed more thoroughly and filtered down. Keen gardeners are also reluctant to change the compost they have been using for decades, hence why our Growise reduced peat compost is a good alternative, as it provides all the nutrients of peat in slightly lesser doses.

Amateur gardeners use 66% of the total peat consumed in the UK, most of it in growing media such as multi purpose compost and growing bags. We need to embrace peat free compost and organic material alternatives for the sake of the planet; contact us today as the UK's leading compost suppliers for further information to help keep your garden green. 

Businesses in the trade rely on our delivery service and we provide companies across the UK with the best quality compost, topsoil and manure; always on time.

We have a thorough and efficient method of handling and transporting supplies, delivering bulk loads nationwide through a fleet of 30 tonne articulated loads.

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