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What is Vegetable Compost?

vegetable compost

Vegetable compost is a compost with a high in organic matter, this helps to hold nutrients and moisture close to the vegetable plant roots so that these essential plant nutrients are readily available to the vegetable crop.  As well as high organic matter content, vegetable compost is formulated with the correct amount and balence of fertilisers to maximise your crop potential.

Why Use Vegetable Compost?

Compost is a great way of giving your fruit and vegetables the best start & maximising growth, offering them minerals and nutrients they need to flourish. Vegetable compost is a great organic matter to use in the garden in general, as well as for vegetables, as it helps improve the soil structure. 

We supply vegetable compost and organic compost in bags and bulk bags.

So why is organic matter good for growth?

Organic matters, such as compost, help soil particles bind together into aggregates or clumps, which makes its easy to dig or penetrate. This is often known as “tilth”.

A soil with good “tilth” also has good nutrient-holding and water-holding ability. Adding organic matter helps all poor soils whether they are sandy or clay based. 

In addition, organic matter improves soil by stimulating or feeding the life of the soil. It provides nutrients to bacteria, fungi, earthworms, and other organisms in the soil, which in turn recycle the nutrients into forms that are readily available for plants to absorb through their roots.

Organic matter also helps to prevent soil and wind erosion by binding sandy soil particles together. Organic matter also prevents caking, cracking, and water run-off that occurs when clay soil dries out.

Soil nutrients & balance 

When growing vegetables they take much needed nutrients and minerals from the soil as they grow. It is essential that your soils nutrient balance is kept correctly, so adding regular compost to your soil will make sure that your vegetable crops can flourish to perfection. Vegetables need feeding and your soil needs regular conditioning, a purposely formulated vegetable compost is the correct way to do this. 

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