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Top quality mushroom compost from The Compost Shop

Spent mushroom compost is a by-product of mushroom farming and it is an excellent source of minerals, including phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Because it also contains a number of other components, chalk being one of them, it can be slightly alkaline, making it ideal if trying to neutralise your soil.

It has a dark colour and smells earthy and organic, and should be laid evenly at a depth of one to three inches for best results. Our mushroom compost is of the highest quality and every effort has been taken to ensure minimal contamination from weeds, which can be a common problem with poorly-sourced mushroom compost.

Mushroom Compost has a very fine texture, which eliminates sifting should you be applying it to your lawn (see this article using compost on lawns for more information). It is also beneficial to root crops, and there have also been a lot of positive reports regarding its effects on flowerbeds and rose bushes too. Because it is so affordable, it can be used when you need to inject a lot of organic matter into your soil.

We supply mushroom compost in bulk bags and in 70 litre bags, available online, delivered nationwide at great prices!

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