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We supply a huge range of quality composts, manure and soil improvers in bags and bulk bags, browse through our range below to see prices and pack size options.

You can order compost online with us, and arrange your compost delivery to suit you. Buy the best organic compost, peat compost and potting compost at the best prices at The Compost Shop.

Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming and is made from organic matter, such as vegetation, that has been decomposed and recycled as a soil fertilizer. Due to it's high nutrient content it is an essential tool in any gardeners arsenal.

Compost is also a natural soil conditioner, adding important humic acids to the soil to keep it pest free and ensure your seeds are able to flourish. All our composts have been produced using modern composting techniques that create a compost full of nutrients, carbon and water - all the good things that make a great quality compost.

If you need a large amount of compost delivered then see our bulk compost page for more information on buying compost online and arranging for a sutable compost delivery.

We are premium compost suppliers and deliver all our products nationwide, buy online or call us for a quote on 0871 971 0988 to arrange to have your compost delivered or for any further enquiries.

Mushroom Compost  65.6 GBP
Organic Vegetable Compost  57.75 GBP
Multi-Purpose Compost  108 GBP
Ericaceous Compost  112 GBP
Composted Horse Manure  85 GBP
Composted Bark Fines  93.25 GBP

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