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Organic matter in soil is essential for soil structure, water holding properties, microbial activity and soil health. Composts can be used to add organic matter to soils and increase the production of soils through many benefits:


  • reduction in soil compaction and improvement in soil water holding capacity.
  • better soil structure leading to greater workability of soil and increased traffic tolerance.
  • increased microbial activity and beneficial to soil.
  • improved root growth and reduced root diseases giving better plant survival and growth with improved plant quality.
  • reduced nutrient leaching and increased nutrient levels with a reduced need for costly fertilisers.
  • increased soil cation exchange capacity.
  • increased yielding potential.
  • plant disease suppression giving better plant survival and growth with improved plant quality.
  • reduced erosion risk with reduced capping.
  • microorganisms to aid soil aggregation and nutrient recycling.
  • increased soil temperatures.
  • reduction in plant deaths.

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Composts are biologically active and contain a complex mix of microorganisms which have been shown to suppress a range of plant pathogen species including Pythium, Phytophthora, and Rhizoctonia, which cause a variety of symptoms including wilting, root rots and tissue necrosis. Using compost as a soil amendment may suppress these diseases and reduce plant losses.        

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