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We've got all the compost, topsoil and garden supplies you'll need to get your garden in shape this year! Whether you just need some compost to top up your flower beds or want to start growing your own fruit and veg, we have everything you'll need and much more!

As the UK's leading supplier, we have an extensive range of growing media as well as many other garden products such as organic compost, vegetable growing kits and baby vegetable seedlings!

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    Buy Compost Online

    Buy compost and manure online in bags or 1m3 bulk bags online as well as many other garden supplies.  We also supply compost, topsoil and bark in bulk loads throughout the country. 

    We deliver nationwide next day in bags and bulk bags at incredible prices!

    Buy Compost

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    Manure Suppliers

    We supply, well-rotted, shredded horse manure which is collected from racing stables where the horses enjoy a grass free diet.

    This and our high composting temperatures ensures that the manure will not contain any weed seeds or harmful pathogens.

    Manure is available in bags and bulk loads nationwide.

    Buy Horse Manure

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    Organic Compost - PAS100

    We specialise in the supply of peat free organic PAS100 compost, a quality product made from recycled garden and forestry waste. This compost is versatile and full of slow release essential plant nutrients. 

    PAS100 Organic Compost is avaiable in 50 litre bags, bulk bags & bulk loads

    About PAS100 Compost

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    Bulk Loads of Topsoil & Bark

    As well as bulk loads of compost we supply bulk loads of topsoil, bark and woodchip in various grades.

    Bulk loads can be delivered throughout the UK from part loads to 30 tonne articulated loads supplied.

    Bulk Loads

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