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Vegetable Gardening

vegetable gardeningWe sell everything you'll need to grow your own fruit and vegetables this year!

  • Seeds & Seed Trays
  • Propagators
  • Specialist Vegetable Topsoils, Composts & Manures
  • Raised Bed Kits ( Self assembly or fully assembled and delivered with compost)

You'll Find Bulk Discounts on all our Compost and Topsoil Products!

Vegetable gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, at the same time as getting the immense satisfaction of growing your own vegetables and its a great way to get children outdoors and involved in gardening.

Vegetable Topsoil  88.179 GBP
Farm Yard Manure  85.92 GBP
Mushroom Compost  95.83 GBP