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Planting Containers for Autumn & Winter

It may seem a little strange to be talking about planting up containers for autumn and winter now, when it’s still the school summer holidays. But spring bulb catalogues are out, and spring bulbs and autumn bedding are starting to arrive in garden centres now. Since one of the best and cheapest way of buying bulbs is to order them from seed catalogues, it’s certainly worth thinking about ordering bulbs now ready for planting from late September.

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Allotment Maintenance

Adding Organic Matter in the Autumn

Late summer is probably the busiest time of year for vegetable growers, as everything seems to need harvesting at once, and the weeds are growing faster than you can remove them. It seems that your whole life is picking, cutting, digging and weeding, and then back home to freeze, or make jam and chutney. But now is also the time to think about what you need to do once all the picking is done, and particularly, get organised about how you’re going to add organic matter to improve the soil structure.

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Container & Pot Plant Care - Late Summer

container-pot-plantersIt’s the time of year when containers and pots with bedding plants start to look a little bit sad. Some of the plants are coming to the end of their flowering, and some are dying back, but others are still flowering. What should you do to keep them looking good for as long as possible? Here are some useful pointers that should help you keep your display going for a bit longer.

1) Clear out the old

The best thing to do with those plants that have finished flowering and died back, such as Lobelia, is to pull them out lock, stock and barrel. Yes, it will leave spaces, but better spaces than dead plants. So have a good clear out of the pots. And while you’re at it, deadhead everything else. As long as the sun keeps shining, deadheaded plants will generally keep flowering.

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Potting Compost

potting-compostIf you’re fairly new to gardening, you may well have been astonished at the number of different types of potting compost that are available from even relatively small garden centres and DIY stores, and you may be wondering what are the differences between them. This short guide should help you decide which one is best for you, and give you the confidence to go and buy compost for your garden.

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