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Home Composting

What is Home Composting About?

Home composting is a fun way to save money and become eco friendly at the same time.  You can compost your garden rubbish and / or your kitchen waste into quality peat free compost for your garden.

There are two types of home composting; with or without the assistance of worms.  The benefits of home composting with worms is that worms speed up the progress, your worm composter will produce a better quality compost and more of it over a shorter period of time and will also act as a worm farm as the worms will breed.

What can I compost?

  • Grass cuttings
  • Fallen leaves
  • Dead plants
  • Prunings
  • Kitchen food waste

What Do I Get?

  • Money!... no need to buy garden compost or plant fertiliser again! 
  • Quality compost and soil improver for the garden.
  • Liquid fertiliser,  the run off from worm composting.
  • Worm Casts... a great plant fertiliser
  • Worms

and you help reduce landfill

Where can I get home composting kits and worms?

We supply a range of home composting kits inculding handmade wooden compost bins, plastic compost bins and worm composting kits.  Check out our Home Composting and Compost Accessories categories to view our range of products.

We also supply composting worms to speed up your home composting process.  And you can get more information on worms and worm composting.  For more information on our products and services visit our composting home page.