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Bulk Loads

Bulk Loads of Compost and Bark Supplied Nationwide

We specialise in supplying bulk loads of quality PAS100 compost, BS3882 Topsoil and Play area Bark and woodchip throughout the country.

Bulk loads can be delivered anywhere in the UK frompart loads to full 30 tonne artic loads.  Click on the products below to find out more about our bulk loads delivery services.

We also supply our products in large bulk bags ( 1 tonne or 1 m3 depending on the product)

If your having trouble calculating how much product you need try using one of our product calculators:

Sports Piutches and Golf Courses

The Compost Shop supplies many professional sports pitches with quality turf, topsoil and top dressings.

To find out more about our services to the sports industry or to discuss your requirements, contact us on 0871 971 0988

To find out more about the benefits (both economical and physical) of our compost top dressings and how it can improve your clubs fairways and pitches please contact us.