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Compost in Bulk

From the UK's No.1 Compost Supplier

Bulk Compost Delivery - Nationwide

We have been delivering compost in bulk bags, pallets and bulk loads since 2007. 

We supply to customers throughout the UK, direct to gardeners, contractors, landscapers and retailers.

We specialise in the delivery of compost to customers who require larger loads of composts and topsoils, whether that be in 50 litre bags, a 1m3 bulk bag or an 80m3 loose load.

Our nationwide delivery network enables us to deliver compost in bulk with rapid reliable delivery. Pallets and Bulk Bags are delivered by pallet lorry and loose compost loads are usually delivered via walking floor trailers ensuring safe unloading and maximum capacities. Read more on our delivery here.

Ordering Bulk Compost

For a Bulk Loose load delivery (20m3 or more) call us on 01785 850 653 

For pallets of bagged compost or bulk bags of compost you can shop online 

Bulk Commercial Composts

We also offer a range of composts for commercial growers. These composts are available in 2.5 m bulk bags as well as bulk loads:

  • Bedding Supreme
  • Potting Supreme, Potting Supreme No.2 & No.3
  • Ericaceous Supreme
  • Planting Supreme & Planting Supreme Plus
  • Peat Free: Peat Free Supreme, T2, Peat Free High Coir, Peat Free Potting, Peat Free Nursery Stock (+F)

Bulk PAS100 Compost

Organic Peat Free PAS100 Compost is available in various grades from 0-10 mm to 0-40 mm screen sizes and can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • land restoration
  • soil improving
  • mulching
  • topdressing
  • tree and shrub planting

Quality Control

Our organic compost is all produced under strict composting guidelines set out by the British Standard BS:PAS100 and the Composting Protocol. We also ensure that all bulk compost batches are analysed prior to sale.

Ordering Bulk Compost

For further information on our composts and prices for bulk loads please call our sales team on 01785 850 653 or contact us.