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Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 50 Litre


Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 50 Litre BG-MPPF50
Compost & Manures
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Peat free Multi Purpose Compost

Environmentally sound peat free formula - gardening responsibly to protect our natural heritage.

Uniquely formulated Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost containing a blend of natural products enriched with essential nutrition and trace elements for healthy plant development and sustained growth.

  • bedding plants
  • plugs plants
  • pot plants.
  • Use in trays, pots, tubs, baskets and containers.
  • Bag Size: 50lt

Benefits of Peat Free Compost

  • Organic matter in soil is essential for soil structure, water holding properties, microbial activity and soil health. Composts can be used to add organic matter to soils and increase the production of soils through many benefits:
  • Reduces the need for inorganic fertilisers;- Peat free compost is a valuable organic source of the nutrients commonly found in inorganic fertilisers. Nitrogen, phosphate, potash, magnesium and sulphur (as well as trace elements) all occur naturally in compost, in quantities that can be extremely valuable.
  • Can increase yield - modern plants and crops need to establish rapidly in order to thrive. To do this, they depend on very high levels of organic matter in the soil. Tests prove that adding fertiliser is no substitute for this organic matter. Peat free compost not only provides fertilisation, it is high in organic matter.
  • Improves soil structure - it's been proven that peat free compost improves the aggregate strength of soil. It also allows root systems to penetrate more easily, enabling them to find nutrients and water more effectively. Adding peat free compost improves workability too, and makes soil less likely to compact under heavy farm machinery - meaning it can be used more frequently.
  • Raises water retention capacity - soil rich in compost absorbs and retains water better. This means it needs less irrigation, which reduces overall consumption.
  • Reduces soil erosion - wind and rain can erode soil, particularly when it contains low levels of organic matter. Peat free compost can be applied generally to solve this problem, or deployed in areas of particular concern.
  • Contains valuable micro-organisms - micro-organisms do three good things to soil. Feeding off the organic matter in peat free compost, and teaming up with the micro-organisms already present in the soil to which they've been added, they release polysaccarids and humic substances that help improve soil structure. They release nutrients in organic matter and make it available to plants and crop to use as food. They can suppress soil bourne plant pathogens.
  • Reduces cost - peat free compost improves soil quality which leads to better plants and crops that need less irrigating, that are easier to cultivate and need less fertilising. It is difficult to put a finite cost on this benefit but growers and horticulturists definitely notice the difference.

Added natural organic fertilisers will provide feed for your new plants for up to 6 weeks and retains and absorbs moisture, locking in nutrients and moisture close to the roots system.

Delivered on a pallet in 50 litre bags from 5 bags to a full pallet of 40 bags, the more you buy the more you save!!

Peat & Compost

Peat is a naturally occurring, highly fertile product that takes thousands of years to develop, formed by the slow breakdown of organic matter in marshy environments. The conditions for its development provide a tremendously ecologically diverse environment, with many unique and wonderful species of plants, animals and birds inhabiting them exclusively.

Peat bogs also trap around a third of the world’s cO2- despite occupying around 3% of the earth’s landmass. Thus the destruction of Peat bogs not only destroys a valuable, non-renewable habitat in the short term, it also accelerates global warming drastically by releasing more carbon into the atmosphere.

What can I do?

By using Peat free compost you can help contribute to the protection of the limited peat bogs and marshland that we have. While environmental protections continue to be rolled out, the best contribution gardeners can make to protect this valuable, non-renewable resource is ensuring they use low or non-peat compost.

Discover the benefits of peat free compost here.

Uses:All garden uses
Pack Sizes:Various packs of 50 litre bags
Peat?:Peat free
Available Next Day:yes
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Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost 50 Litre
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