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Ericaceous Compost


Ericaceous Compost CP-WEC
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Ericaceous compost has a pH balance which is perfect for growing acid loving plants including blueberries, azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, and heathers. The increasing popularity of blueberry bushes in our gardens and tomatoes in our greenhouses have made this one of the most widely-used and trusted specialist composts on the market. Whether it’s juicy superfoods or the vibrant, striking colour of acer trees, the delicate beauty of camellias, or the hardy, year-round charm of checkerberry, Ericaceous soil improvers offer your garden a healthy dose of low-ph goodness to keep your favourite specimens thriving. Specially formulated to provide a balanced nutritional profile for acid-loving plants, our Ericaceous compost is a great way to compensate for alkaline soil conditions to benefit your plants, while also feeding and nurturing them, regulating moisture and providing effective top dressing.

Our high quality, blend of Ericaceous compost is available in pallets of 36 x 75 litre bags (2700 litres) and Bulk Bags (approx 1m³).

For more information, check out this handy guide to Ericaceous compost.

Brand:Quality Garden Supplies ltd
Filter:Potting, Planting
Uses:Potting & Planting Acid loving plants
Pack Size:1m³ Bulk Bag or 36 x 75 litre bags (2700 litres)
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Ericaceous Compost