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Correct ground preparation and turf choice will ensure that your turf takes to the ground and will produce a top quality lawn for years to come.  For best results always buy turf grown by a member of The Turf Growers Association, The Compost Shop only supplies TGA grown turf.

What is Worm Composting?  

Worm composting (or vermicomposting) utilises special composting worms to turn kitchen waste into compost and liquid feed for your garden.  The worms and kitchen waste are put in a container know as a wormery, wormeries are much smaller than conventional compost heaps or bins and can be kept by the back door of your house for convenience.  The compost produced from worm composting is very different to conventional compost, it is great for boosting lawns or spreading on flowerbeds.

Make your flowerbeds look great with compost!!
Sick of weeding and spending money on expensive plant feeds?
Did you know compost can be used as a mulch to suppress weed growth?

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