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Storing Compost in Winter

Storing compost through the winter is a great idea so that you can have perfect compost ready to use as soon as the end of winter approaches. This means that you can begin planting seed right at the start of growing season and gain a distinct advantage out in the garden.

Buying compost now and storing it means that you can reap the benefits of wonderful crumbly compost when the sunshine arrives and you are looking to begin planting. This is rather than having to deal with frozen, clumpy compost which will not contribute to good harvesting.

Right now at Compost Shop we have some excellent deals on compost and you can purchase our highest quality compost at a fantastic low rate. We recommend doing this before spring arrives to beat the rush and secure everything you need to grow well before the demand for Compost rises. If you buy compost now you can use a potion to mix into your heap now and save the majority anticipation for the better weather post winter.

Buying compost in bags rather than harvesting your own means that you can purchase the best quality compost and be confident that it will be sufficiently protected from rain and snow. This gives a much superior quality compost that you will notice the benefit of when you are rewarded with a fantastic harvest.

The scientific reason for why it is important to store compost well is because in the right conditions microbial communities shift which causes the compost to cure properly, this facilitates for far better growth of plants, fruits and vegetables when you come round to using the compost. Soil needs fungi and bacteria in order to be as effective as possible. Buying compost in bags and storing it well means that in creates the perfect habitat for microbes to transform compost to make it wonderfully spongy loose humus.

If you poke a few small holes in the compost bag it will allow a limited amount of fresh air in which will encourage microbes to create the spongy compost that you desire without freezing it or drying it out.

At present you can enjoy fantastic discounts on some of our most popular composts. Our mushroom compost is reduced to under £100 and our best selling multi-purpose compost is also on offer currently. John Innes number one, two and three varieties are all also in stock and available to purchase.