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Best Multi Purpose Compost Offers

If you are looking for the best multi purpose compost offers then you are in the right place at The Compost Shop.

Our standard multi purpose compost is made from a specially formulated blend of Irish peat compost and peat free green compost. These are mixed together with essential plant nutrients to create one of the best multi purpose composts on the market that will competently fulfil the majority of your gardening requirements.

Right now you can take advantage of a fantastic sale price on our most popular multi purpose compost. Purchase a bulk bag containing 950 litres for the incredibly reasonable price of only £129.60; that is a saving of over £30 on our already low standard price. If you require more compost than this, you can buy 36x75 litre bags, giving a total of 2700 litres, for the great price of £171.60. Nowhere else can you find this type of value on incredibly well produced and highly nurtured compost.

The beauty of multi purpose compost is that it can be used for a wide range of gardening activities, and with it being great value at the Compost Shop you can affordably cover most of your green fingered needs. Multi purpose compost can be used for sowing seeds and a wide variety of plants thrive in our nutrient rich compound. If you are potting houseplants or filling hanging baskets it is perfectly appropriate because the pH and nutrient levels are suitable for fertilising a wide range of plants.

Multi purpose compost is great for general use which is why it is one of our most popular gardening products. We also have alternative peat free multi purpose compost which is which is environmentally friendly and that cultivates most plants through every stage of their development.

At The Compost Shop we have a fantastic selection of many different types of compost for sale, all at fantastic low prices and filled with all the right nutrients to help plants flourish. Any compost that you order from our site is palette delivered to your kerbside, fresh and ready to use. Remove the unnecessary hassle of creating your own compost and buy an expertly blended compost mix from The Compost Shop.