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From small gardens to public spaces, look no further to buy bulk ericaceous compost!

Do you revel in the fiery glow of a Japanese acer? How about the tingle of excitement that comes with plucking the first blueberry of the summer? Does the burst of colour of a healthy azalea light up your garden?

If your spring has only sprung when the delicate beauty of rhododendrons brightens your borders, we salute you! You’re a gardener with high ideals and goals, because these plants aren’t your ordinary run-of-the-mills planting project- at least not in most parts of the country. These are acid lovers- or lime haters- plants that need a lower soil pH- up to about 7.

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Also known as ericaceous plants, these aren’t the only plants that thrive in low-pH soil- lots of plants need the acid soil to prosper. Plants that have evolved growing wild on forest floors especially tend to prefer acid soil- as dead leaf matter tends to increase acidity, this is their normal growing environment. Many types of heather, and some types of berry-bearing shrub such as winterberry, cranberry, and bilberry (as well as the aforementioned blueberry) benefit from slightly acid soil. There are plenty of other plants too: makes sure to check the preferred soil conditions of plants you hope to buy. If they’re acid lovers, don’t panic: this just means you have to take an extra step in your planning: because with the exception of some areas, most of the UK isn’t naturally acidic. You should use a reliable, quality pH testing kit to determine your soil condition before you invest in ericaceous plants. There’s a good chance that your garden won’t be accommodating to these types, and you will need to acidify the soil using ericaceous compost.
At The Compost Shop, we cater to everyone and every size of project, from small back garden borders to parks and public spaces- so whatever your needs, if you’re looking to buy bulk ericaceous compost, we can help! Check out our shop or contact our team on 0871 9710 988 to learn more about the services we offer. 



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