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Ericaceous compost: 50L of top quality compost comes in cheapest from The Compost Shop


With 50L ericaceous compost from just £3.48, our bulk compost deliveries are perfect for any big gardening project. Here’s how we can provide you with the top quality compost you need, for less.

Our bulk compost offers provide as much of our rich, friable compost as you need, even if you’re undertaking a particularly large project or stocking up. Since transport is always a concern with any big order, we take care of it! Our drivers deliver to almost anywhere in the UK- one less thing to worry about when planning your big project. We support gardeners & gardens of all shapes and sizes, from backyard borders and allotments to farms, parks and public gardens, by providing real value, closely-screened quality and support every step of the way- from order to delivery. We always try to ensure the logistics of your order are handled as flexibly, efficiently and as closely centred around your needs as possible. Wherever possible we can offer next day delivery for your order.


Why choose between affordability and quality: per 50L, Ericaceous compost from us saves you money for the highest standard soil improvers

If you have a large project underway in your garden, you need both quality and volume to achieve your green-fingered goals. You need to be sure you’re getting consistent quality even when adapting your plans to the needs of specific plants, soil types, and light or drainage levels. After all, big projects equals big expectations, and only ambitious projects achieve great results, so why compromise? That’s why we offer specialist composts, perfect for those tricky soil conditions, such as our ericaceous compost. 50L of this from The Compost Shop, calculated from our 75L bulk bag orders, works out as just £3.48- a phenomenal saving! Because we deliver bulk orders we can offer you great savings per bag, helping keep costs down. So whether you have a large project requiring top quality bulk compost, or plan on stocking up and saving, visit our shop or speak to a member of our team for more information.