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Starting out with limited space: An urban gardener’s introduction to first steps

Keen to set up a garden but short of space? Towns and cities may not seem compatible with the peace and tranquillity of gardening, yet each year millions plant their first seed and embrace the urban garden revolution!

Many of us harbour a deep desire to garden. But with more and more people living in densely populated urban areas it seems that the simple pleasures of tending to plants is on the decline. Yet a dedicated few are fighting to adapt, and get green fingers pruning, planting and picking in the cities of Britain. Whether you live in a terrace or a bedsit, there are ways you can foster your love of plants. So if you’ve decided this Spring will see your gardening ambitions blossom into reality, here’s The Compost Shop introduction to urban gardening to get you started!

Be Creative

Urban gardening has always sought to turn its chief limitation into its chief advantage. The dearth of space in city housing is going to be a challenge, however with a little creativity many gardeners have found ways to overcome this in magnificent style.

One of the great advantages to gardening in the city is the ready availability of recyclable materials that can help you give your urban garden a unique look. While the more traditional back yard might accommodate a neatly squared-away vegetable patch, if you’re limited to a balcony, roof or even less, consider using something to create a novel, innovative home for your plants. Amazing trellises, baskets and beds can all be improvised with a little imagination, however plenty of purpose-built options are available at garden centres too.

Being creative also applies to your plants. Whatever kind of space you’re working with, you will be able to find something suitable. Climbers and pot plants are a great place to start if you’re very short of space- even a small balcony can accommodate them.

Bear in mind the space you’re using, its characteristics and limitations. How much light will your plants be getting? If you’re in a block of flats, will they be exposed to strong winds? If you can’t accommodate a greenhouse, what will you do with your plants over winter? Finding innovative solutions to these problems is what urban gardening is all about, and many people enjoy finding fun and clever ways to resolve such problems.

Another creative solution to gardening with very limited space is indoor gardening, using systems such as grow lights and hydroponics. While these systems can use a great deal of both space and electricity, and generate noise, the possibilities of efficient vegetable production from modern hydroponics have never been more promising.

Be Dedicated

Gardening takes work. Part of the attraction of the hobby is the quiet hours spent in caring for your plants as they grow- and the hours spent planning for the seasonal changes ahead. Plants need near-constant attention, especially in difficult or unique settings. Consider how much time you can commit to tending plants, but also expect that however much time you put in, will reward you with pleasure and relaxation.

There are many reasons to seek the enjoyment and serenity of gardening. As a challenging project it often serves as the antidote to the quick fix, instant gratification of modern life, yet as a peaceful and solitary activity it relieves stress, focuses the mind and increases pleasure in your surroundings. It also encourages time spent outdoors and physically active.

Being committed to your garden, however small, also means spending time researching and discovering the lessons others have learned in their own gardening journey. Many blogs and pages exist online, but plenty of books and magazines also cover what you need to know. Gardening may be a journey of discovery, but knowledge is your friend too- and learning all you can about the needs of your plants will build and feed your interest as well as increasing the chances of success.

Our range of composts and other gardening products will get your urban garden off to the best possible start, and we hope that whatever your ambition your enjoy discovering how much the world of gardening has to offer!