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The case for buying bagged compost for your garden

Looking to give your garden a boost? Order compost from our range of potting, peat & mushroom composts with fast delivery and save money, time and effort.

We all love the idea of producing our own compost, recycling our waste to sustainably help our gardens grow. However there is a flipside to this undertaking- so would you be better off buying your compost bagged and ready to go?

It’s a complex process!

Composting is a slow process and a long term commitment. It’s also more complicated than it may at first seem. Depending on the plants you want to grow you may need to restrict what you compost, or otherwise try to keep certain compostable products separate. You don’t just need one compost bin, you may require several. Once the process of composting has set in, you may need to consider creating a rota. Three simultaneous heaps maturing at different stages of decay may begin to seem like overspill.


Not everyone enjoys a garden large enough to accommodate one or more compost bins. While they can be small, you may also need to consider other factors like convenience, light, odour, hygiene and how much space you’ll be left for planting.


You may need to take steps to protect your compost from local pests. Birds and insects may start to appear, which may become a nuisance if you already have pets. Fungus can grow and hygiene in your garden may deteriorate, posing a risk to young children. Newts, toads and spiders can move in, and if these bother you- you may want to reconsider.  

The smell!

This one’s a bit awkward, but if you have a small garden, the odour of compost can sometimes become a little…off putting, particularly if you live close to your neighbours. Needless to say this is especially bad in summer, and you may need to hold your nose as you harvest your veg!