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Need compost direct? Find out why online delivery is the new hassle-free way to get your garden blooming

Why order compost online? The advantages of a bulk compost delivery might surprise you!

Bulk compost suppliers put cheap compost just a click away

Warm season planting as over for many of us, and that means we’ve done our composting for now. But gardens (and gardeners) are always in a balance between the now and the future, rejoicing at the colour and life arriving each spring, while also thinking six months ahead. For some, this could mean rethinking old gardening practices, such as how we buy our compost.

Why buy compost for sale online?

Not so long ago there was a widespread scepticism about buying anything online. Not so any more. Just about every high-street shop offers some or all of their products for sale online, from groceries to computers to cars, and for gardeners this shopping revolution has changed the game- the sheer variety of seeds, plants, information and gardening accessories now available is staggering. Instead of the four or five varieties of, say, fruit tree available at the local garden centre, gardeners can pick from a selection and get it delivered to their door. Of course, for most of us this change is old news, but in some cases gardeners could be missing out on the great savings of time, money and effort that come with getting compost delivered to your door.

The cheapest compost delivered in the UK

Of course most good bulk compost suppliers will deliver, however with our compost to buy online, you can easily get smaller amounts for the back garden- all arriving at your garden at your convenience. This saves you the time and effort (and car cleaning) associated with making a big compost-haulage trip of your own, and of course that’s all time that can be better spent tending to the garden! But the unexpected benefit of this method is the money saved- as a trusted national supplier of compost, The Compost Shop works hard to keep prices down. Garden centres and hardware stores have costs we simply don’t, and little competition for local gardeners’ custom, so getting the best deal has always been tricky. With the Compost Shop you can depend on getting the very best value. We’re trusted by gardeners from every corner of the country- when you buy compost direct from us, you’re buying that trusted reputation too.

Discover the benefits of cheap compost delivered to your door with The Compost Shop!

With a huge variety, friendly, flexible delivery on orders and the cheapest prices around, we’re proud to be the UK’s top supplier of online compost. We deliver all kinds of compost, as well as plenty of extras for your home and garden.