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Firewood logs

We supply only the finest seasoned logs to our customers, we know how annoying it is to buy logs only to find that they are damp, smokey logs that require another 12 months seasoning before they are really ready to burn. Thats why we only sell well seasoned (split and barn dried for a minimum 2 years - usually 3 years) or kiln dried logs.

All our firewood is quality controlled before being bagged up for dispatch, we take regular moisture meter readings on our stored logs to ensure they are below 20% moisture before designating a batch as fit for sale. Our logs are usually in the 16% to 18.5% range (lower than most of our competitors stated moisture percentages).

We also only supply British sourced firewood, ensuring they really do have a low carbon foot print. We don't by any logs in from Eastern Europe as we feel this totally voids the carbon neutral status of wood fired heating!

Log Burner Tool Set  78.95 GBP
Large Log Store Pack  267.37 GBP

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