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Buy Topsoil From The Compost Shop

We supply quality premium topsoil to most parts of the UK, delivery of topsoil and other products is generally available next day!!  You can buy our soil online and you can even book a delivery date and time and get quotes emailed to you.

We select our soil from the countries finest graded areas only, our topsoil is all screened so you can be sure that the soil you receive is free from clay and stones and that it is of the finest quality.  We make sure all our soil is analysed to British Standard to ensure it is free from contaminants and is safe for use.

Our standard Turf Mix topsoil is graded as a sandy loam, the finest horticultural grade, it is free draining and fertile perfect for root establishment and plant growth.  We also supply a specially formulatedBorder Blend topsoil, a mix of our screened soil and our own organic soil improver, this rich, dark, friable topsoil is perfect for creating and topping up flowerbeds. 

We can deliver our topsoils in any quantity in 20 kg bags or in one tonne bulk bags and in loose bulk deliveries to most areas, you can buy online with our secure shopping basket facility.

To find out more about our topsoil and to get a quote visit our product pages or buy Topsoil online..

We provide dedicated customer support and back up via emails and phone, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information you can't find on our site.