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Buy Compost

The Compost Shop supplies peat free organic compost & many other composts throughout the UK.

Delivery of compost and other products is generally available next day!!  When you buy compost you can book a delivery date and get quotes emailed to you.

You can buy compost online in quanities from 25 litre bags to bulk deliveries.

Buy Compost

You can buy compost in various grades and quanities:

  • Organic Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (0 to 15 mm screened)
  • Compost Bulk Bag
  • Compost Topdressing (0 to 8mm screened)
  • Compost Soil Improver in various quantities

To buy compost online simply click on the buy compost link and browse throughour product range.

For more information on our compost and peat free compost products, how to use peat free compost, its benefits and how peat free compost is made goto our Peat Free Compost page.

We provide dedicated customer support and back up via emails and phone, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information you can't find on our site.