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Firewood Logs Supplied Next Day

All our firewood has been barn dried and seasoned to ensure it is dry and ready to warm your home.  We select only the finest logs for seasoning so you can be guaranteed of quality firewood.

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Bulk Bags (approx 1m3).Sale Price £87.85more info..

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Firewood Delivery

We deliver firewood across the country, place your order before 1pm and get Free Next Day Delivery!  All prices quoted online include delivery and VAT and you can choose a delivery time and date for your firewood at the checkout.

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Sustainable Fuel Supplies

Our firewood logs are all cut from sustainable sources, most of our timber comes from selected tree surgeons waste, for more information on sustainable wood sources click here.

 Did You Know?

Using wood as a fuel has a number of benefits. Firstly, contrary to what many people think burning wood can be environmentally beneficial. Much of the woodland in the UK is semi-natural woodland and benefits from being managed. Secondly, providing the wood comes from a sustainable source, wood is a source of renewable energy. Using wood as a fuel also benefits the rural economy by providing local employment and an opportunity for diversification for farmers and other landowners.

Wood as a Renewable Energy