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Multi Purpose Compost for Your Plot

Multi purpose compost is one of our top sellers here at The Compost Shop, the UK's leading compost suppliers. Despite this, it has typically been described as 'the Jack of all trades but the master of none'. Yes, the multi purpose compost is versatile to say the least, however, this statement fails to grant it significant justice; all three of our multi purpose composts have been the bearer of many a brilliant basket, bed and border, surpassing previous opinions of the multipurpose as middle of the road in its effectiveness.

Peat vs. Peat Free compost.

Peat infused compost, long used by growers and gardeners since the mid 20th century, is considered essential for growing plants and sowing seeds. However, acres of UK peat bogs have been decimated in the past by companies attempting to meet the nation's insatiable demand. Ultimately, this has led to habitat destruction, a loss of biodiversity and the release of fossil carbon stores. In a nation considered more environmentally conscious in 2014 than the mid 20th century, many have been alarmed at the adverse effects the farming of peat has had on the environment.

The mantra that seeds cannot flourish in peat-free compost is little more than a myth. All it requires is a little familiarisation; the organic peat-free multipurpose compost offered by us here at The Compost Shop is blended with bark fines, coir and wood fibre, ensuring all components are from sustainable sources. The absence of peat ensures that it is more economically viable and does not contribute to the nation's carbon footprint that the farming of peat bogs adds to.

Peat-free composts, however, are more expensive than those containing peat because they have to be processed more thoroughly and filtered down. Keen gardeners are also reluctant to change the compost they have been using for decades, hence why our Growise reduced peat compost is a good alternative, as it provides all the nutrients of peat in slightly lesser doses.

Amateur gardeners use 66% of the total peat consumed in the UK, most of it in growing media such as multi purpose compost and growing bags. We need to embrace peat free compost and organic material alternatives for the sake of the planet; contact us today as the UK's leading compost suppliers for further information to help keep your garden green.